Apple iWatch Rumors On The Rise

Apple iWatch Rumors On The Rise

According to techno-chronometer blog SmartWatch News!, Apple may be getting ready to pull back the curtain on the next big thing … the iWatch. Well, Apple has taken control of your data, your music, and your TV … so why not take over your body? Resistance is futile … More

  1. Ping Jintao: The Borg assimilation begins with a watch!

  2. Ari Brockman: I will definitely buy one.

CERN Large Hadron Collider Stops, End Of World Postponed

CERN Large Hadron Collider Stops, End Of World Postponed

CERN has shut down its Large Hadron Collider for two years in order to conduct a scheduled tune-up. Accordingly, the anticipated end of world event (or confirmation of the god particle if you are an atheistic optimist) has been postponed until approximately 2015. More

  1. Zuzu Gates: Does this mean I still have to pay my bills?

    • Jon Mentor: No ... you can continue to let them pile up on your desk as usual ;-)

  2. Warren Peeps: Whew. Well, I can get a lot done in two years.

REVIEW: Sennheiser HD 800 Headphone

REVIEW: Sennheiser HD 800 Headphone

The Sennheiser HD 800 sets a new metric against which every other serious headphone or transducer must be judged. More than 60 years of ingenious headphone engineering has been applied to the new HD 800. Incorporating Sennheiser’s most advanced driver technology, these open, around-the-ear, dynamic stereo headphones redefine what reference-grade audiophile audio is all about. More

  1. Ping Jintao: I will never give up my set ...

    • Ari Brockman: Saving my pennies :-)

      • Ping Jintao: Amazon is having a sale right now ...

  2. Zuzu Gates: Would totally mess up my hair!

  3. Warren Peeps: My dream phones.

Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing Desk

Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing Desk

Inspired by streamlined World War II fighter planes, the Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing desk is a shining swoop of metal, its shape mimicking the bent wing of a plane. Poised as if for take-off, it features a polished aluminum patchwork exterior accented with steel screws, built around a solid hardwood frame. Canvas-lined shelves offer an elegant finish to the minimalistic storage area. Only $2,195 at Restoration Hardware. More

  1. Zuzu Gates: I want one ...

  2. Jon Mentor: They should have added some LED lights.

    • Ari Brockman: And a stewardess :-)

  3. Adrian Weinberg: ooooh i saw a repro grant featherston style egg chair like this i almost bought (until i saw the price,…

    • Ping Jintao: Wait, $3k for the repro?

3D Print Your Own High Capacity Gun Magazines

3D Print Your Own High Capacity Gun Magazines

Impending government assault weapon high capacity magazine ban got you down? No problem! Head on over to and download the files to print your own high capacity magazines at home on a 3D printer. More

  1. Ari Brockman: That is awesome! I wonder how ell they will hold up?

    • Ping Jintao: I assume that would depend upon what type of filament you used .

  2. Zuzu Gates: That rocks!!!

  3. Jill Binoche: Next, print your own gun?

  4. Jon Mentor: Is this legal?

Siri Coming For All Macs In OS X 10.9?

Siri Coming For All Macs In OS X 10.9?

Is Siri coming to all Macs via OS X 10.9?  Apple has posted 17 jobs relating to Siri development since January 1, 2013 …many of which do not require experience with the iOS SDK.  In fact, some of the offerings specifically state that “iOS or OS X development skills” are acceptable.  Accordingly, it looks like a cross-platform expansion of the Siri experience is in the works.  It’s about time! More

  1. Ping Jintao: But I already yell at my computer ;-)

    • Zuzu Gates: Lol!

    • Jill Binoche: Be careful ... women are rising up and taking over!

    • Jon Mentor: Lol ... but does it yell back?

REVIEW: Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Tube Amp

REVIEW: Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Tube Amp

Review by Guest Author: Adrian Weinberg

UPDATED: Here we are after day 1. I should start by saying that due to working 10am-6pm today, I didnt get as much time with the Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies as I would have liked. Although, I did get a couple hours in and some very interesting results. More

  1. Spencer Edgington: Spectacular review!!! I have to get one of those ...

  2. Jon Mentor: I have one on order but they are saying it won't ship until mid-march. After reading this review, I can…

  3. Zuzu Gates: Sexy

  4. Jill Binoche: I thought you said it was only $799?

    • Adrian Weinberg: That was the introductory price I paid, which was available on preorder for around 4-8 weeks. Its now at the…

    • Jon Mentor: I got in just before they raised the price to $999 ... $799 was an introductory special offer.

  5. Ping Jintao: Can't wait for mine ;-)

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Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer For Your Home

Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer For Your Home

Dyson, the company best known for creatively moving air through their stylish vacuum cleaners and fans, brings to market the Airbalde Tap Hand Dryer … a new hygienic and environmentally conscious way to perform a necessary daily task. More

  1. Ari Brockman: I have their vacuum and love it. However, $1,500 for a faucet? They definitely have a target market and it's…

    • Zuzu Gates: You don't wash your hands Ari? ;-)

  2. Spencer Edgington: $1500??

  3. Adrian Weinberg: id buy one sooner than a set of LCD3 headphones and its $500-$600 cheaper! Is it wrong that im actually…

TwelveSouth’s Minimalistic New SurfacePad

TwelveSouth’s Minimalistic New SurfacePad

From TwelveSouth, creators of my favorite iPhone case the BookBook, comes a new offering of luxury leather covers for people desiring to keep their iPhones au naturelle … SurfacePad. More

  1. Zuzu Gates: Ohhh ... I can get them to match my shoes ;-)

  2. Spencer Edgington: LOVE TwelveSouth products and this SurfacePad looks great as well. However, I would miss the credit card slots that my…

  3. Jill Binoche: Je veux un pour mes chaussures trop!

Apple iMac (Late 2012) Super-Thin

Apple iMac (Late 2012) Super-Thin

The first iMac was a revolution: An all-in-one computer that put everything — display, processor, graphics, storage, memory, and more — inside one simple, stylish enclosure.  Countless innovations later, Apple raised the bar yet again.  The new iMac includes the most advanced, most brilliant desktop display Apple has ever built, and it’s filled with the latest high-performance technologies. More

  1. Ping Jintao: I am typing on one now. I love how thin it is.

  2. Spencer Edgington: I can't get it to work with my VESA mount adapter ... stuck on my desk now ;-(

Indigo Home Automation 6 Beta, Brings Z-Wave

Indigo Home Automation 6 Beta, Brings Z-Wave

Indigo 6 public beta is now available! And, it finally handles the Z-Wave protocol along with the well established X10/INSTEON protocols it has always natively supported. More

  1. Ari Brockman: Will it allow me to control my lights from my iPhone 5?

    • Humanovation: Absolutely ... either via wifi or over your data/LTE connection.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi … Amazing Flavor

Jiro Dreams of Sushi … Amazing Flavor

Need a new life Coach? Tony Robbins and Ekhart Tolle not motivating you to be all you can be? There is inspiration to be found in this sleeper sage of a movie. My favorite film of the year, Jiro Dreams of Sushi is available today on Blu Ray. More

  1. Jill Binoche: Truly, an amazing movie. I learned so much from it about how to conduct my own life.

  2. Jon Mentor: It was more like a meditation than a movie - in a good way.