SimAudio Moon 650D DAC / CD Transport

SimAudio Moon 650D DAC / CD Transport … beautiful technology, beautiful sound.  I have long been a fan of SimAudio, the high end audio component manufacturer out of Canada. In fact, I think that nothing reproduces recorded audio more realistically than a combination of top of the line SimAudio components paired with Danish made Dynaudio Evidence or Confidence speakers … truly a sonic marvel.

New to the market, SimAudio’s Moon 650D DAC/CD Transport was just released and is already receiving great reviews. The little sibling to the highly regarded SimAudio Moon 750D boasts a large portion of the 750D’s performance, but comes with a more enticing price tag … $7,500. True 32-bit fully asynchronous digital audio playback is achieved through a fully balanced differential dual-mono design and SimAudio’s famous asynchronous jitter elimination system. Anchored by an ESS SABRE32 Ultra DAC operating in 32-bit Hyperstream, the conversion process employs 8 DAC’s per channel, producing more realistic music reproduction and sonic pureness. In addition to being a mighty fine source as a CD Player, the unit can act as a stand alone DAC for a digital music server or computer, with a single USB input gracing the rear.

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    Simaudio is my favorite Canadian company ;-)