Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing Desk

Inspired by streamlined World War II fighter planes, the Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing desk is a shining swoop of metal, its shape mimicking the bent wing of a plane. Poised as if for take-off, it features a polished aluminum patchwork exterior accented with steel screws, built around a solid hardwood frame. Canvas-lined shelves offer an elegant finish to the minimalistic storage area. Only $2,195 at Restoration Hardware.

Of course, you will need someplace to sit while checking your flight plans, so plan on spending another $849 for the matching Devon Spitfire Leather Chair. Wheels up!

  • Zuzu Gates

    I want one …

  • Jon Mentor

    They should have added some LED lights.

    • Ari Brockman

      And a stewardess :-)

  • Adrian Weinberg

    ooooh i saw a repro grant featherston style egg chair like this i almost bought (until i saw the price, i couldnt spend $3k on a single chair) i think you can see images of it by googling aluminium egg chair.

    • Ping Jintao

      Wait, $3k for the repro?